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Global Specification Comparison

Gray Cast Iron
Meehanite Metal Main Specifications GM400 GA350 GC275 GE200


  Specifications Reference GM400 GA350 GB300 GC275 GD250 GE225 GE200 GF150
Taiwan CNS G3038   FC350 FC300   FC250   FC200 FC150
China GB 9439   HT350 HT300   HT250   HT200 HT150
Japan JIS G5501   FC350 FC300   FC250   FC200 FC150
U.S.A ASTIM A48M 400 A,B,C,D 350 A,B,C,D 300/325 A,B,C,D 275 A,B,C,D 250 A,B,C,D 225 A,B,C,D 200 A,B,C,D 150/175 A,B,C,D
SAE J431B       G4000 G3500 G3000 G2500 G1800
European Union UK BS En1561   EN-GJI-350 EN-GJI-300   EN-GJI-250   EN-GJI-200 EN-GJI-100
Germany DIN
France NF
ISO 185   350 300   250   200



Meehanite Specifications Properties Application Examples
GM-GA Among all G-type gray cast iron, it has the highest tensile strength, average fine pearlite structure, can be surface harden treatment. Suitable for medium and large thick wall casting. Industrial machinery and auto/locomotive cylinders, gears, bearings; machine tool base, post, saddle; compressors and diesel engine cylinder and liner; various types of rollers, valve, pressure casting; high mechanical performance required parts castings.
GC-GB The optimum high toughness G-type gray cast iron, tensile strength, excellent lubricity, and high pressure resistance, surface can be hardened, and suitable for high mechanical performance required castings.
GD-DE Only with normal strength, well cutting resistance, high anti-shock system, can absorb noise and vibration. Suitable for general industrial machinery parts pieces. General industrial machinery of bracket, bed seat, flywheel, gearbox, shell cover; cam with auto/locomotives, brake drums, clutch plates, and so on.


Ductile cast iron
Meehanite Metal Main Specifications SFF350 SF400 SP600 SH700


  Specifications Reference SFF350 SFF400 SF400 SF420 SFP500 SPF600 SP700 SH800
Taiwan CNS G2118 FCD350   FCD400 FCD450 FCD500 FCD600 FCD700 FCD800
China GB 1348   QT400-18 QT400-15 QT450-10 QT500-7 QT600-3 QT700-2 QT800-2
Japan JIS G5502 FCD350-22 FCD400-18 FCD400-15 FCD450-10 FCD500-7 FCD-600-3 FCD700-2 FCD800-2
U.S.A ASTM A536   60-40-18 60-45-12 70-50-05 80-55-06 100-70-3   120-90-2
SAE J434C     D4018   D4512 D5506 D7003 DQ-T
European Union UK BS En1563 EN-GJS-350-22 EN-GJS-400-18 EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-450-10 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3 EN-GJS-700-2 EN-GJS-800-2
Germany DIN
France NF
ISO 1083 350-22 400-18 400-15 450-10 500-7 600-3 700-2



Meehanite Metal Properties Application Examples
SFF-SF Form it by dissolving high purity raw materials and process control. It comes with excellent low-temperature impact resistance and most suitable casting choice for frigid areas. Frigid zone used freezers, compressors, pumps, valve, and other components, high pressure resisted dense components, mechanical parts, pressure wall and so on used under low temperature.
SPF-SP Pearlite ductile cast iron comes with high strength, toughness and moderate elongation, good processability, a bit of wear resistance, can be surface hardened. Most suitable for general industrial machinery components applications Hydraulic parts, high pressure pump, hydraulic cylinders, gears, excavator parts, diesel vehicle piston, crank shaft, clutch housings, cylinder block, both static/ dynamic loads parts.
SH Very fine pearlite ductile iron, or by normalization process, or quenched and tempered Martensite, it has high strength and hardness, but poor ductility and toughness. Aluminum extrusion machine crosshead, steel pumping pipe, rolling machine wheel, crushing machine wear parts, pulverizers wear plates and blades.